English Language programme

As a nation, Bangladesh recognises that fluency and use of English is key to enhancing its ability to play a key role in the global economy. The government’s ‘English for Today’ curriculum stresses the communicative use of language, although without adequate  teacher training it is difficult for this policy  to be effectively implemented and the majority of pupils are still leaving school unable to use English with confidence.

UKBET been running training courses in English language  teaching and learning development since 1993 and have trained over 2,500 school teachers.  Our programmes are organised in partnership with Learning Unlimited (a UK-based social enterprise www.learningunlimited.co), St’ Giles Educational Trust (the charitable wing of St Giles International http://www.stgilesedtrust.org/) and the British Council.  They include:

  • Accredited teacher training programmes leading to TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) and ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching) of Cambridge University.
  • Be spoke in-service teacher training courses including intensive teacher training for G and English medium schools and spoken English and pronunciation courses.
  • Access to a teachers’ resource centre including ILT facilities and support.
  • Workshops on areas for development identified by the Local Education Authority and UKBET.
  • Free English language learning sessions on Friday.
  • Book Reading Competition for the students in partnership with British Council, Bangladesh.


UKBET can provide Study Tour programmes for U.K. teachers and other professionals who want to learn about education and other aspects of life in Bangladesh.  In addition we have a history of successful volunteer placements of U.K. professionals for short and longer-term assignments.

Funding for UKBET comes from charitable donations and income earned from teacher training programmes and other activities. Our ambitions hugely outstrip our very limited resources!