ICELT course at UKBET

UKBET, in partnership with St. Giles Educational Trust, UK, has recently organized ICELT Module-2 course for the teachers of English. Seven teachers from different schools of Sylhet has participated in the second and final block of the course facilitated by Mike William – Head of Teacher Training, St. Giles Educational Trust, UK and Natalia Belousova – Teacher trainer of the same organization. Simon Cox from Cambridge English did the moderation of the final block. The certificates from Cambridge were handed over to the candidates who have successfully completed ICELT Module 1 in a Certificate awarding ceremony organized at UKBET. The certificates of participation were handed over to the teacher who participated in TKT preparation course at UKBET.
ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching) is a Cambridge award for practicing teachers of English, which aims to deepen and develop candidates’ teaching knowledge and expertise. “Teaching” and “Methodology” are the two components of ICELT Module-2 while ICELT Module- 1 concentrates on “Language for the Teachers”. Previously, Module-1 was organized for two batches of teachers.